5% APR: Bitget Elevates Shark Fin to Industry-Leading Position

Bitget Introduces High Yield Shark Fin Investment Product

  • Bitget has upgraded their principal-guaranteed investment product – Shark Fin – to offer a 5% APR.
  • The instrument is suitable for conservative investors and can yield up to 24% APR with certain conditions.
  • Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget, commented on the launch of the upgraded product.

What Is Shark Fin?

Shark Fin is a principal-guaranteed investment product that allows users to receive the principal and interest at a predetermined date after the end of the subscription period. The instrument offers a basic 1-2% APR or up to 24% APR if certain conditions are met. A seven-day lockup period must be applied in order to take advantage of the 5% APR and avoid considerable asset price fluctuations.

Motivation Behind Upgrade

The upgrade was motivated by an increasing demand for high-yield investment options in the crypto market, as well as by Bitget’s efforts to improve profitability for its investors. With this upgrade, users now have access to higher basic APRs, allowing them to maximize their returns on investment.

Comments From Managing Director

Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget had this comment regarding the launch: „We are excited to announce the latest upgrade to our Shark Fin product, which is aimed at meeting the increasing demand from traders for high-yield investment options in the crypto market, and improving the overall profitability of investing.“


Shiba Inu: Thousands of Projects to Build on Shibarium – Will it Drive SHIB to $0.001?

• Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of Shibarium, has disclosed that several projects have reached out to them to build on the platform.
• The team behind Shibarium is preparing to present the WAGMI Temple hub at SXSW event later in the year.
• Kusama also invited everyone to join him and his team in working towards making Shibarium a success.

Shiba Inu: Thousands of Projects for Shibarium

The lead developer of Shibarium, Shytoshi Kusama, has revealed that there are thousands of submissions from various projects who want to collaborate with the project. He further stated that every submission will be reviewed and responses sent out soon.

Shibarium Beta Version Releasing Soon

Kusama mentioned that the beta version of Shibarium is set for release soon, and it will enable users and developers to activate new use cases over existing blockchain technology. He added that they are looking forward to presenting the WAGMI Temple hub at SXSW later this year as well.

Invitation From Shytoshi Kusama

Kusama expressed gratitude towards all those who submitted their applications and said that it makes SHIB army even stronger. He also posted a link on Twitter inviting people to join him in working towards making Shibarium successful.

„Do Your Own Research“ Advice by Shytoshi Kusama

Kusama warned people not to fall for any false endorsements or promises about any other #Shibarium projects as he believes people should do their own research before investing in any project or asset.


It seems like things are moving quickly ahead with the development of Shibarium, and many projects have already expressed interest in building on it. We’ll just have to wait until its official release so see how it performs!

Dogecoin Pumps 6.6% as Elon Musk Pushes DOGE on Twitter

Dogecoin Price Surge

• Elon Musk’s latest tweet caused a 6.6 percent surge in the price of Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu by 2.5 percent.
• According to Blockchain Research Lab’s study on the effect of Musk’s tweets, there was an average 3 percent increase after each of his 47 events.
• Before Musk’s tweet, Community Notes posted about new features that could have been the reason for his interest in the meme coin.

Elon Musk’s Influence on Crypto Prices

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has had a significant influence on cryptocurrency prices with his tweets often triggering speculations among investors. His latest tweet sent Dogecoin (DOGE) rising by 6.6 percent, while Shiba Inu surged by 2.5 percent. A study conducted by Blockchain Research Lab on the effects of Elon Musk’s moves on crypto shows that there is an average 3 percent price range for each of the 47 events following a tweet from him. 45 minutes after he posts, it is observed that there is a second spike in prices as well.

Community Notes Tweet

Before Elon Musk tweeted about Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, Community Notes posted about new features they are introducing wherein people will get “heads-up if a community note starts showing up on a tweet they have replied to, liked or retweeted” to help provide more context to those who might otherwise miss it. Whether this served as an inspiration for Elon’s interest in DOGE remains unknown but it has certainly fuelled speculation among investors who responded with an immediate surge in prices right after his post was published online.

24-Hour Movements

Dogecoin has been trading within the ranges $0.0832 and $0.0872 within 24 hours since its initial pump triggered by Elon Musk’s tweet before recording its first retracement as seen in its chart movements.. This shows that although there was an initial surge following Tesla CEO’s post, it did not last long enough to test its key resistance level at $0.09 before dropping again at lower levels than recorded prior to the event itself.. Despite this drop however, it still showed signs of improvement when compared with other altcoins which indicates that things might be looking up for Dogecoin holders soon enough if more positive news keeps coming out regarding this asset class online and offline alike..


It is evident from this article that Twitter CEO Elon Musk continues to have immense influence over cryptocurrency prices due to his tweets often causing speculation among investors which can lead to surges or dips depending upon what he says and how people react towards them.. Furthermore, even though Dogecoin may not have maintained its high price level following one single event like this one mentioned here today – indicating further research into potential links between Communities Notes‘ feature announcement and subsequent market reaction – it showed promising signs when compared against other altcoins which hints towards bright future prospects for DOGE holders across different exchanges around world soon enough provided more positive news keeps rolling out over time too!

Floki Explodes 500%: Time For Investors to Jump In?

• Floki (FLOKI) is a memecoin that has surged by more than 586 percent since the start of 2023, with its valuations soaring past $500 million and entering the top 100 cryptocurrencies.
• The total value locked on the Floki blockchain has surged by 71 percent in February 2023, highlighting strong adoption of the memecoin.
• KuCoin recently announced listing of FLOKI, offering it against USDT and USDC trading pairs to 27 million global users.

Explosive Price Surge for Memecoin FLOKI

The total value locked on the Floki blockchain has surged drastically so far in February 2023, showcasing high adoption of the memecoin. As a result of this, several crypto exchanges – CEXs and DEXs – have come forward to offer support for FLOKI. Over the last week, FLOKI’s price is up by more than 200 percent with its valuations crossing $500 million for the first time ever and making its way into the top 100 cryptocurrencies list according to CoinGecko.

Strong Support from Crypto Exchanges

The recent surge in FLOKI’s price comes amid a series of positive news regarding its listing on various crypto exchanges. Seychelles-based exchange KuCoin recently announced their listing of Floki against USDT and USDC trading pairs which will be available to 27 million global users on their platform.

FlokiFi Locker Reaches Major Milestones

Not only did investors observe DOGE and SHIB price moves but also saw success from another memecoin like FLOKI as well as its native DeFi protocol FlokiFi Locker reaching major milestones with a total value locked (TVL) shooting past 17 million dollars so far this year.

Time For Investors To Step In?

Memecoins have been certainly on the radar of crypto traders in 2023 delivering a strong show during crypto market recovery this year. With such an explosive surge in prices and strong support from various exchanges, investors seem curious whether now is the right time to step in or not? Whether this rally is sustainable or not is yet to be seen over time?


FLOKI’s massive surge this year showcases interest among investors towards memecoins which have delivered strong performance during market recovery while competing with other popular coins such as Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). However, whether these rallies are sustainable or not is yet to be observed over time before investing any capital into these cryptos.

Fed: Bitcoin Shares Features of Store of Value Like Gold

• The Federal Reserve Bank of New York concluded that Bitcoin is unresponsive to both monetary and macroeconomic news.
• Bitcoin shares many features with a store of value such as gold rather than the US dollar.
• The study established that monetary news about the future path of policy has larger effects on Bitcoin price than those about the current target rate.

Federal Reserve Bank Concludes Bitcoin Shares Features with Gold

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York recently conducted a study which concluded that Bitcoin is unresponsive to both monetary and macroeconomic news. Compared to other asset classes such as precious metals and S&P 500, Bitcoin does not correlate to macroeconomic factors. Additionally, due to its high volatility, it cannot be used as a form of payment at scale. As such, Bitcoin and other crypto assets compare more closely with Gold and other precious metals rather than the United States dollar.

Speculative Asset Model Establishes Monetary News Effects on Bitcoin Price

The report formulated a simple speculative asset model to determine the future probabilities related to Bitcoin value. According to this probability model, several hypotheses were derived including that monetary news negatively affects the value of the speculative asset through an interest-rate channel. Additionally, it was established that monetary news about the future path of policy has larger effects on Bitcoin price than those about the current target rate. For instance, an unexpected increase in US inflation may lead to higher input costs for exports, making them less competitive in global markets and leading to changes in Bitcoin price action before or after FOMC statements touching on interest rates.

Bitcoin Reacts Differently from Traditional Assets

The main result from the Fed’s report is that compared with traditional assets like gold or silver, or various bilateral exchange rates like S&P 500 index fund prices – all of which respond significantly to macroeconomic news – BTC remains largely orthogonal (unresponsive) except for Consumer Price Index (CPI). This means that BTC does not respond similarly nor predictably when compared with traditional financial systems and investments in reaction to external economic stimuli or shocks like changes in GDP or inflation levels etc., thus providing an alternative investment opportunity when diversifying one’s portfolio away from traditional investments into digital assets .

Bitcoin Not Yet Ready To Be Used As Payment Method At Scale

Despite its potential as an attractive alternative asset class for portfolio diversification purposes due its uncorrelation from traditional markets – just yet due its high volatility, BTC is still too unpredictable for use as a form of payment at scale according to Jerome Powell back in 2021 who stated “crypto assets are too volatile” for this purpose currently..


In conclusion then, while BTC has great potential as an alternative asset class offering investors greater portfolio diversification benefits by virtue of its uncorrelated nature versus traditional assets – it is still too volatile currently for any large scale usage as a form of payment method at present time

Venom Ventures Funds Strategic Investment in Everscale Blockchain: $5 Million Injection

• Venom Ventures Fund ventures Asia with $5 Million Strategical Investment in the Everscale Blockchain.
• The Abu Dhabi-based venture fund has entered a strategic partnership with the load-intensive blockchain project to expand its operations within Asia.
• The investment will be used to fund the expansion of Everscale’s development team and projects.

Venom Ventures Fund Invests $5 Million in Everscale Blockchain

Everscale blockchain recently received a strategic investment from Venom Ventures Fund, an Abu Dhabi-based venture fund worth $1 billion. This investment consists of $5 million that will be released in stages, which will be used for expanding Everscale’s development team and projects.

VVF & Everscale: A Strategic Partnership

The strategic alliance between Venom Venture Fund (VVF) and Everscale is aimed at increasing the power house’s involvement in Asian markets. VVF is particularly interested in the “infinite sharding mechanism” utilized by Everscale, which allows it to adjust to any workload without compromising its throughput or processing fees.

A Major Milestone for Both Parties

Moon Young Lee, a board member of the Everscale Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm about this move being a major milestone for both parties. He believes that despite its underlying technology, Everscale has not been given enough credit so far, but this partnership could serve as an opportunity for it to prove its worthiness.

Funding Used For Development Projects

The additional funding from Venom Ventures Fund will help grow the development staff and initiatives at Everscale. It will also support both companies as they work towards common goals like improving blockchain technology and making it easier for businesses to adopt it into their operations through real-world use cases scenarios such as tokenization of digital assets, CBDC frameworks, stablecoins and other crypto-fiat gateways payment solutions.


This investment marks an important moment between two entities working together to bring innovation into their respective industries while providing many opportunities for developers looking to join either company’s initiative or take part in their collaborative efforts.

U.S. Welcomes First Nuclear Mining Center, Reducing Carbon Emissions

• The first nuclear mining center in the United States has been successfully completed in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania.
• The 48-megawatt, 300,000-square-foot center is owned by Talen Energy and its subsidiary Cumulus Data.
• The center is expected to house Bitcoin mining-related activities and cloud computing activities once operations kick-off.

The United States has just welcomed its first nuclear mining center in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. The 48-megawatt, 300,000-square-foot facility, owned and operated by Talen Energy and its subsidiary Cumulus Data, is expected to open up to the market this year. The center is located next to the Susquehanna power plant, and is expected to house Bitcoin mining-related activities and cloud computing activities once operations kick-off.

Talen Energy is an independent power producer founded in 2015 and is currently valued at $4.3 billion. The corporation is headed by Alex Hernandez, who also heads Cumulus Data. Talen has been affiliated with the Cryptocurrency mining company TeraWulf since 2021, and the two announced a zero-carbon mining joint enterprise called Nautilus Cryptomine. This enterprise was made to develop up to 300 megawatts of zero-carbon Bitcoin mining capacity.

The center will be of great benefit to the Bitcoin mining industry, as it will reduce carbon emissions and provide sustainable electricity to its customer base. Alex Hernandez has spoken about the data center and its underlying plans to tackle some of the existing limitations in crypto mining. Hernandez said that the center will open up to the market this year, and that part of its mission is to reduce carbon emissions and provide sustainable electricity to its customer base.

The center has already had some fiber routes put in service and is expected to be in full operation in the coming months. This nuclear mining center is a huge step forward for the Bitcoin mining industry in the US, and it will no doubt be an example for other such centers to follow in the future. With the completion of this center and the further development of the Nautilus Cryptomine project, a zero-carbon future in the Bitcoin mining industry is now within reach.

Earn Rewards with the Meta Masters Guild: Invest in $MEMAG Now!

• Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a new mobile gaming guild that has launched a presale of its native token $MEMAG.
• $MEMAG tokens are available during the first stage of the presale at $0.007.
• The platform is designed to optimize gamers’ engagement and reward them with in-game assets that can be converted into $MEMAG tokens and cashed out in the best altcoins.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a new mobile gaming guild that is aiming to revolutionize the play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem. This innovative platform is geared towards creating a sustainable gaming experience that rewards players with tokens for their participation and victories. The native token of the platform, $MEMAG, has recently launched its presale, giving investors across the world the opportunity to own a piece of the ecosystem.

The presale is split into two stages, with the first stage currently underway. During this stage, $MEMAG tokens are being sold at a rate of $0.007 each. This limited-time offer gives investors the chance to acquire the tokens at a fraction of the price they will be available for on exchanges. The second stage of the presale will start after the first stage reaches its cap, and the price of the tokens will increase.

Out of the capped supply of 1 billion tokens, 35% will be allocated to the presale and 10% to exchange liquidity. These tokens will be used to incentivise players on the MMG platform, rewarding them with in-game assets known as Gems. These Gems can then be converted into $MEMAG tokens and cashed out into the best altcoins, such as Ethereum, or reinvested back into the ecosystem.

Meta Masters Guild is looking to shake up the P2E gaming industry by introducing a more sustainable gaming experience. By increasing the engagement of gamers, the platform will be able to provide them with more opportunities to earn reward tokens. This, in turn, will create a more vibrant and enjoyable gaming experience for players, as well as a more lucrative one for investors.

Ban on Cash Withdrawals From Government Accounts Starts March 1

• Nigeria is set to ban cash withdrawals from government accounts starting March 1.
• The move is part of the effort to tackle illicit activities from top to bottom, and to discourage the support of terrorist extremist group Boko Haram.
• As part of the regulation, individuals are limited to weekly over-the-counter cash withdrawals of 100,000 Nairas ($225) and ATM withdrawals to $45 per day, with certain denominations not available on cash vending machines.

The Nigerian government announced that the ban on cash withdrawals from government accounts will take effect on March 1, less than a week after the country conducts a presidential election next month. The country has been suffering from the terrorist extremist group Boko Haram, and the government is looking to cut off their financial support by digitizing the economy.

Modibbo Tukur, Chief Executive of the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit, said that the move is in line with the government’s need to tackle illicit activities from top to bottom. He noted that any cash withdrawals from government accounts, even if it is just one naira, will trigger off money laundering and corruption investigations.

In addition, the Central Bank of Nigeria has limited weekly over-the-counter cash withdrawals to 100,000 nairas ($225) for individuals and 500,000 nairas ($1,124) for corporations. ATM withdrawals have also been limited to $45 per day, with denominations of 1,000 nairas ($2.25) and 500 nairas ($1.10) not available on cash vending machines from January. The president and the central bank can authorize exceptions for exceptional cases.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Cardano have been offering hope to those locked out of the banking industry. With millions of Nigerians anguished in abject poverty, the successful deployment of the digital Naira could potentially help those in need.

The Nigerian government is keen to push its economy toward cryptographic payments and the cash withdrawal ban is a step in that direction. Whether the ban will have the desired effect remains to be seen, but it is clear that the government is willing to do what it takes to tackle money laundering and corruption.

Dash 2 Trade: Revolutionizing Crypto with $11.4M Presale Success!

• Dash 2 Trade is a brand-new crypto intelligence platform that is in the midst of a successful presale phase.
• The development team has raised a staggering $11.4m during the presale and are gearing up for several major exchange listings in January 2023.
• Many experts now believe the price of the D2T token could explode in 2023, as the project takes steps to help investors navigate uncertain market conditions.

The crypto market has been enduring a prolonged ‘crypto winter’ over the past few months, with investors looking for practical and objective tools to help them find their way through these challenging conditions. Dash 2 Trade is a brand-new crypto intelligence platform that has been created to do just that, and has been making waves over the past few weeks as it gears up to launch its platform.

The development team behind Dash 2 Trade has just announced the successful completion of its presale, raising an impressive $11.4m from investors. This funding will be used to develop the Dash 2 Trade platform and put the roadmap’s plans into action. The presale had originally been scheduled to last much longer, but the development team decided to bring the end date forward to January 6th to give investors earlier access to the platform’s tools and features.

With the crypto market continuing to struggle, many experts now believe that the D2T token price could explode in 2023 as the project looks to build momentum with several major exchange listings in the coming weeks. Dash 2 Trade’s development team is confident that its platform will be a game-changer in the crypto space, helping investors navigate uncertain market conditions with ease.

The team is also planning to introduce several new features to the Dash 2 Trade platform over the coming months, including the ability to receive real-time updates on prices, trends, and news. The platform will also feature an advanced trading simulator, giving investors the opportunity to practice their strategies and hone their skills with virtual currency.

The Dash 2 Trade presale has set the stage for explosive growth in 2023 as the project looks to revolutionize the crypto market. With the development team’s ambitious roadmap and the presale’s resounding success, many experts now believe that the D2T token could be the next big thing in the crypto industry.