Bitcoin better investment opportunity than tech stocks

Michael Saylor: Bitcoin better investment opportunity than Apple, Google and co.

US entrepreneur and CEO of software maker MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, has explained in a YouTube interview why he sees Bitcoin as a better investment opportunity than tech company stocks.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor sees Bitcoin as a better investment opportunity than tech companies. That’s the gist of a recent interview the crypto maven gave. In it, Saylor says it makes more sense to invest in the digital store of Crypto Investor value than in shares of tech giants like Facebook, Amazon or Apple. Precisely, he said:

I’ve invested in everything, I was an early investor in Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google, OpenTable, eBay and PayPal. And I’ve made huge amounts of money. I’ve made 10 times, 20 times my money back and let me tell you: none of them look as good as this (Bitcoin, editor’s note) looks to me.

The American entrepreneur is considered the first institutional investor in Bitcoin with his software company MicroStrategy. In August 2020, the company announced its intention to initially invest 250 million US dollars in the cryptocurrency. In December last year, the Virginia-based company invested twice in BTC. First, it bought 400 million US dollars. Then, at the end of the month, another 650 million. The US company has thus invested more than one billion US dollars in the store of value.

Michael Saylor already invested in Bitcoin earlier

In a YouTube interview with Anthony Pompliano published in September, the CEO revealed that he had realised early on that the value of conventional money was steadily decreasing.

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