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Er Bitcoiners A ** Huller?

Vi er blevet kaldt “Toxic Bitcoin Maximalists” som et forsøg på fornærmelse. Vi viger ikke, vi bærer det som et æresmærke. Vi undskylder ikke vores faktiske omstændigheder, vores tillid eller vores meme-krigsførelse. Du kan finde os på Twitter og svare på svage argumenter mod bitcoin (de er alle svage) med „Have det sjovt at forblive […]

BitGo launches Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) and Ether (wETH) on the Tron blockchain

BitGo announced the launch of Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) and Wrapped Ether (wETH) on the Tron blockchain. This is a way for Justin Sun’s project to continue to integrate the DeFi industry. Wrapped Bitcoin and Ether come to Tron The Tron Foundation announced the news in a press release issued yesterday. Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) and Wrapped […]

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniack goes shitcoin with green blockchain project

Wozniack, the new crypto-green – That’s it! The rise in the price of bitcoin has reignited the hype around cryptocurrencies. Indeed, even the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniack, embarks on the creation of a cryptocurrency: the WOZX. The revolution by Wozniack The news broke over the weekend, with the publication of the EFFORCE project white […]

Il famoso storico dice che il Bitcoin è un ottimo posto

Il famoso storico dice che il Bitcoin è un ottimo posto per le persone ricche per conservare la loro ricchezza Il famoso storico e Milbank Family Senior Fellow presso l’Hoover Institution dell’Università di Stanford, Niall Ferguson, afferma che la Bitcoin sta emergendo come uno dei principali e affidabili depositi di ricchezza. In un nuovo articolo […]

Il CEO di Visa guarda avanti al mondo di Crypto

Il CEO di Visa è ottimista sul fatto che più valute digitali saranno in esecuzione sulla rete Visa in futuro. Alfred Kelly, CEO di Visa, ha affermato di vedere un grande potenziale nelle criptovalute Le risorse digitali saranno molto utili nei paesi con un alto numero di persone senza banca, ha aggiunto Tuttavia, potrebbero essere […]

Hvordan institusjoner ser bort fra gull og mer i BTC

I følge en nylig publisert forskning bemerket av det institusjonelle konglomeratet JP Morgan Chase, foretrekker institusjonelle investorer nå verden av kryptovaluta fremfor edelt metall av gull. Spesielt fremhevet analytikerne at i løpet av oktober, en av de største digitale kapitalforvalterne i verden, så Grayscale en kumulativ tilstrømning av sin bitcoin-tillit. I følge en nylig publisert […]

Bitcoin theft: nine years in prison for ex-Microsoft employees

This action is dearly for a former Microsoft employee: he received nine years in prison for multiple Bitcoin thefts with hacked accounts from colleagues. The anonymity of the Internet attracts many black sheep, and it is no different in the area of ​​digital currencies Stupid for the criminals only when the supposed anonymity turns out […]

High on Election Day? 4 reasons why Bitcoin went up 2% in 30 minutes

The price of Bitcoin rose 2% in 30 minutes as the election caused great volatility in the US stock market. High on Election Day? 4 reasons why Bitcoin rose 2% in 30 minutesMARKETER ANALYSIS The price of Bitcoin (BTC) rose 2% in just 30 minutes as the US stock market rang its opening bell on […]

Predicción de precios de Bitcoin: El BTC/USD se enfrenta al rechazo a 13.200 dólares mientras los toros compran las caídas

Predicción de precios de Bitcoin (BTC) – 26 de octubre de 2020 Hoy, el precio del BTC/USD volvió a probar la resistencia de 13.200 dólares y cayó a un mínimo de 12.800 dólares. Bitcoin ha estado confinado entre niveles de 12.800 y 13.200 dólares durante una semana. El movimiento ascendente se ha visto obstaculizado por […]

For the first time since 2018, Bitcoin’s balance sheet in the exchanges fell below 2.5 million

Bitcoin’s balance on three popular exchanges decreased by 390,000 BTC over the last 9 months. On October 20, 2020, the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) held in the major exchanges fell below 2.5 million BTC for the first time in two years. Market sentiment and BTC fundamentals still favor the rise in Bitcoin prices Nexo co-founder […]