Earn Rewards with the Meta Masters Guild: Invest in $MEMAG Now!

• Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a new mobile gaming guild that has launched a presale of its native token $MEMAG.
• $MEMAG tokens are available during the first stage of the presale at $0.007.
• The platform is designed to optimize gamers’ engagement and reward them with in-game assets that can be converted into $MEMAG tokens and cashed out in the best altcoins.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a new mobile gaming guild that is aiming to revolutionize the play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem. This innovative platform is geared towards creating a sustainable gaming experience that rewards players with tokens for their participation and victories. The native token of the platform, $MEMAG, has recently launched its presale, giving investors across the world the opportunity to own a piece of the ecosystem.

The presale is split into two stages, with the first stage currently underway. During this stage, $MEMAG tokens are being sold at a rate of $0.007 each. This limited-time offer gives investors the chance to acquire the tokens at a fraction of the price they will be available for on exchanges. The second stage of the presale will start after the first stage reaches its cap, and the price of the tokens will increase.

Out of the capped supply of 1 billion tokens, 35% will be allocated to the presale and 10% to exchange liquidity. These tokens will be used to incentivise players on the MMG platform, rewarding them with in-game assets known as Gems. These Gems can then be converted into $MEMAG tokens and cashed out into the best altcoins, such as Ethereum, or reinvested back into the ecosystem.

Meta Masters Guild is looking to shake up the P2E gaming industry by introducing a more sustainable gaming experience. By increasing the engagement of gamers, the platform will be able to provide them with more opportunities to earn reward tokens. This, in turn, will create a more vibrant and enjoyable gaming experience for players, as well as a more lucrative one for investors.

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