Floki Explodes 500%: Time For Investors to Jump In?

• Floki (FLOKI) is a memecoin that has surged by more than 586 percent since the start of 2023, with its valuations soaring past $500 million and entering the top 100 cryptocurrencies.
• The total value locked on the Floki blockchain has surged by 71 percent in February 2023, highlighting strong adoption of the memecoin.
• KuCoin recently announced listing of FLOKI, offering it against USDT and USDC trading pairs to 27 million global users.

Explosive Price Surge for Memecoin FLOKI

The total value locked on the Floki blockchain has surged drastically so far in February 2023, showcasing high adoption of the memecoin. As a result of this, several crypto exchanges – CEXs and DEXs – have come forward to offer support for FLOKI. Over the last week, FLOKI’s price is up by more than 200 percent with its valuations crossing $500 million for the first time ever and making its way into the top 100 cryptocurrencies list according to CoinGecko.

Strong Support from Crypto Exchanges

The recent surge in FLOKI’s price comes amid a series of positive news regarding its listing on various crypto exchanges. Seychelles-based exchange KuCoin recently announced their listing of Floki against USDT and USDC trading pairs which will be available to 27 million global users on their platform.

FlokiFi Locker Reaches Major Milestones

Not only did investors observe DOGE and SHIB price moves but also saw success from another memecoin like FLOKI as well as its native DeFi protocol FlokiFi Locker reaching major milestones with a total value locked (TVL) shooting past 17 million dollars so far this year.

Time For Investors To Step In?

Memecoins have been certainly on the radar of crypto traders in 2023 delivering a strong show during crypto market recovery this year. With such an explosive surge in prices and strong support from various exchanges, investors seem curious whether now is the right time to step in or not? Whether this rally is sustainable or not is yet to be seen over time?


FLOKI’s massive surge this year showcases interest among investors towards memecoins which have delivered strong performance during market recovery while competing with other popular coins such as Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). However, whether these rallies are sustainable or not is yet to be observed over time before investing any capital into these cryptos.

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