Join Babka and Nushi at GDC 2023 to Celebrate Global Game Developers!

• Virtual influencers Babka and Nushi are hosting a stage at GDC 2023, giving developers the chance to promote their games and projects.
• The event includes a red carpet, livestreams, social media promotion, and special giveaways.
• Developers can take photos with Babka and Nushi, conduct interviews about their projects, and use the hashtag #LivingLegends to celebrate game creators globally.

Virtual Duo Babka and Nushi Honor Game Developers Worldwide at GDC

Red Carpet Event Hosted by Virtual Influencers

GDC 2023 is in full swing and game developers of all sizes have the opportunity to share the limelight for the first time thanks to virtual influencers Babka and her robotic feline companion, Nushi. Located in the Moscone South lobby of GDC 2023, this mysterious Oscars-style red carpet and stage will give developers a chance to promote their games on stage, live stream, or on social media.

Take Photos with Babka & Nushi + Interviews Streamed on Twitch

Developers who walk through the red carpet will get the chance to take a photo with Babka and Nushi as well as conduct video interviews about their projects that will be streamed on Twitch while also being promoted across Twitter, Instagram & TikTok using the hashtag #LivingLegends. Special giveaways are also available throughout GDC until Friday March 24th 2023.

Mission: Show Power of Interactive Tech & How Games Transcend Screen

Babka & Nushi’s mission is to demonstrate how interactive technology has become increasingly powerful & how games can transcend beyond screens meeting thousands of passionate game devs eager to spread word about their newest releases & upcoming projects.

Time Traveling Gamer Grandma Celebrates Global Games Creativity

The time traveling gamer grandma turned virtual influencer said “Game developers are celebrities in the future…so we traveled back in time just to meet some of our favorites which isn’t easy! So please drop by & tell us about your awesome games & take some selfies with us! Seriously we traveled across space-time continuum just for you!”

GDC Open To Ticket Holders At Moscone Center SF

GDC attendees who hold tickets can find Babka & Nushis’ event at Moscone Center San Francisco where they will get a chance to enjoy exclusive streams/footage shared under hashtag #LivingLegends encouraging influencers gamers & devs alike to show support for global games industry creativity.

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