Shimmer Reaches 1 Million Daily Transactions, Partners With SPYCE.5

• ShimmerEVM testnet has achieved a milestone of 1 million daily transactions, largely driven by the release of Treasures of Shimmer.
• Shimmer partnered with technology infrastructure provider SPYCE.5 to help organizations build projects atop IOTA and Shimmer.
• Treasures of Shimmer encourages greater participation in the Shimmer network and rewards participants with $SMR tokens.

Shimmer Reaches Massive Transaction Milestone

The ShimmerEVM testnet has hit a major milestone of 1 million daily transactions, largely driven by the launch of Treasures of Shimmer. With this incredible feat, it exhibits the platform’s scalability as well as its ability to handle very high transaction volumes. The surge in activity is attributed to the incentivized gaming experience developed by IOTAHeroes which encourages users to participate in the network and helps strengthen it, while offering rewards in form of $SMR tokens.

SPYCE.5 Partners With Industry Heavyweight Servrox

Shimmer has also announced its partnership with SPYCE.5, a technology infrastructure provider that is helping organizations build projects atop IOTA and Shimmer. This collaboration will provide them access to state-of-the-art tools and consultation from industry experts for their projects on IOTA and Shimmer networks.

Treasures Of Shimmers Boosts Activity On Network

Treasures Of Shimmers is an innovative Web3 gaming experience that rewards users with $SMR tokens on participating in activities within the network such as stress tests, bug hunting etc.. This reward system further enhances user engagement within the network while helping developers test their integrations and services without any hindrance or delay due to scalability issues or other technical problems previously encountered on other platforms like Ethereum blockchain etc..

What Is SPYCE 5?

SPYCE 5 is a technology infrastructure provider committed towards building revolutionary projects atop IOTA and other DLT networks such as Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Ethereum etc.. It provides various industry solutions ranging from mobile wallets to smart contracts development services for businesses looking to explore distributed ledger technologies for their operations or products/services offerings across different sectors such as finance, healthcare etc..


With these developments regarding Treasures Of Shimmeres & partnership with SPYCE 5 , we can conclude that there will be more widespread usage & adoption of blockchain based applications & services within different industries worldwide thus providing opportunities for businesses & individuals alike who are looking forward towards exploring Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)for making data secure & reliable over time .

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